Scott Biddick

Scott Biddick – Blending Integrity and Reputation

Reputation and respect are things that can never be arrogated unto oneself. One must earn it, carry it and work on it all one’s life. The high respect accorded to Scott Biddick by his colleagues and his peers had been his trademark in exercising his profession, even to this day.

This is the same respect that Scott had constantly worked for to achieve in the many years he had been in the finance industry. In turn, this high respect had transformed into a personal reputation accorded to the man.

The main starting point is integrity.


Starting from his career-forming days as a Business Admin student at the California State University San Marcos in San Diego, Scott learned buckets of wisdom on how to input integrity into his future dealings.

Later, in his professional days in the financial industry, especially in the capitals market, Scott immersed himself working in such fields as Investor Relations, Public Relations and in representing Consulting firms.

His years gave him his experience and knowledge that are vital to his professional caliber in the industry. However, he managed to instill the all-important business ingredient of integrity in the things he did, just what his professors had taught him.


As in all other businesses, but crucial in fields where money is a primary component, integrity is very important. This is especially true if the nature of the business relies on long-term deals or repeat business all throughout.

Integrity is fundamental in transactions that deal with confidential or sensitive customer information. Scott Biddick made sure that this is carried in all his deals, especially so in matters of overseeing the financial and personal monetary affairs of his customers and clients.

Random definitions

From the vantage business point of view, integrity is the single most important trait a business professional can have. Just like what his professors had prescribed, Scott knew it is the right consistency between the values taught to him and the actions that he will do.

The trait gives one the knowledge of choosing between two courses of action in the most reasonable of ways. Choosing to act with integrity, a person can still move on without the sacrifice of power, money or prestige.

Long term benefits

With his years in the financial industry, Scott learned that integrity breeds that priceless trait from the customers: trust. This is shown in their continued patronage of his business and services in the long term.

Customers, as everyone else does, naturally shy away doing business with companies and people who are caught lying, involved in scandals, and have immersed in corruption. With integrity added to one’s deals, Scott found out that you can keep your existing customers and have the potential to attract new ones.

Scott Biddick had also been known to add some personal touch to his business style. He is recognized to view problems and obstacles as seeds for greater future benefit.

With him, issues can be tackled with the potent pair of innovation and positive outlook. All these, of course, are just gravy to his main business trait: integrity.


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