Scott Biddick

Paris – A Love Affair for a Lifetime

Among the millions of visitors that come to Paris, the longing is to come back. The city gives everyone so many reasons to stay, to fall in love with, or to simply soak in.

Its charms had captured the hearts of so many people – those in the arts, literature, history, and including the celebrities and the regular folks. The exodus into the city does not seem to have an end yet.

The heart of the city

The city’s 20 arrondissements (regions) have their own highlights for visitors to marvel. The most representative of the city, with its mix of everything Parisian is found most notably in the 7th arrondissement.

Here, you can enjoy the famous Paris cafés and bistros, high-end fashion shops, cobblestone streets, famous markets, the evening lights, the marvelous food, and the River Seine. This does not even include yet the world-famous landmarks.

The Grand Dame

Of course, you have to put in first in your list the Eiffel Tower, the 125-year-old icon that defines the skyline of Paris. The Grande Dame en Fer (Grand Iron Lady), its nickname, is one structure that never disappoints. (There’s a magical light show every night for about 5 minutes featuring the tower’s 5 billion lights.)
There’s a formal Jules Verne Restaurant under Michelin-starred chef Alan Ducasse at the 2nd floor. It is somewhat pricey, takes a couple of months to have a reservation, but the food are definitely worth the wait and the cost.

Champs du Mars / Ecole Militaire & Hotel des Invalides

Just to feel the whole area, one can go to the nearby Champs de Mars, a garden park for picnics, maybe biking and to simply walk around. Adjacent to the gardens is Ecole Militaire, attended by Napoleon himself before.

Also nearby is the big Hôtel des Invalides, its golden dome visible in all of Paris. The hotel has several museums inside, including the Musee de l’Armee. (It has one of the world’s biggest collections of arms and war paraphernalia.)

Musée d’Orsay / Musee Rodin

The Musée d’Orsay has some of the world-famous impressionist paintings (and more) inside the museum. It houses priceless sculptures and other art objects under one massive glass roof.

The Rodin Museum, on the other hand, has a large collection of sculptural works (and photos) of Auguste Rodin. This was his former house converted to a museum. The biggest attraction, of course, is his world famous “The Thinker” in the garden.

Food lovers delight

If you haven’t eaten at any Parisian restaurant or café, you haven’t been to Paris after all. The French love for food is legendary. At rue St. Dominique alone, there’s a parade of cafés and restaurants catering to everyone’s taste of French cuisine.

More places for food and drinks are scattered around, and these include those at Place de l’Exposition, rue Varenne, rue de l’Universite and rue Exposition.


The district is a shopper’s delight along Ave. Montaigne and rue Faubourg. Check out the designer shops at Boulevard St. Germaine.

The biggest shopping adventure is at the huge Le Bon Marche’, the oldest and most stylish Paris store; whatever your reasons in coming to Paris, give in. The city will be with you for a long time.


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