Scott Biddick

The Cayman Islands – Almost Paradise

People have different ideas on what paradise is. For those who love the sun and the sea, the Cayman Islands perfectly fit. With its beaches, its dazzling coral reefs and its exotic marine world, the islands would never leave a visitor empty-handed of things to enjoy.

Known for the beauty of its beaches and the many beautiful dive and snorkel sites, the islands actually have more to offer on top of those. The visitor is advised to simply bring in his sense of adventure and fun.

Getting there

This British territory has 3 islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman) and is located 150 miles south of Cuba. Visitors can come in through any of the airports in each of the islands.

For citizens of UK, the US and most of the Commonwealth nations, there is no need for a visa in coming over. (Of course, you have to have your valid passport and your return ticket.) At the capital, Georgetown, located in Grand Cayman, there is a popular port for cruise ships, if you’re coming in from the sea.

Diving / snorkeling

With the sea all around them, all three Cayman Islands have their own fantastic diving and snorkeling sites. These are on top of the many other tourist attractions that made the Cayman Islands one of the world’s best vacation sites.

One of the more thrilling experiences you can have is snorkeling around and get the chance to see all the stunning creatures living under the blue waters. There are shallow reefs all around the three islands where you can look at the sea creatures in their natural habitats.

Of course, if you have your diving gear, you can go down into the depths and be hypnotized by the undersea vistas. Marvel at a different universe that exists in your planet seemingly for your viewing pleasure.

For those who don’t dive nor snorkel, you can still see the wonders of the sea by way of boat tours. In the safety of your glass-bottomed boats, marvel at the real oceanarium and see everything in all their colors.

Kayaking / windsurfing / parasailing

Riding your way into the waters in a kayak is one perfect way in soaking in the place at a slower pace. With it, learn the island’s natural history while going around in its mangrove forests and the wildlife in it, including its canals and coves. At night, you may catch the fantastic bio-luminescence phenomena of some water creatures swimming by.

One of the most popular sports, windsurfing in the islands is another perfect way to enjoy the water, the sea, and the sea wind blowing. (Windsurfers are blown back into the shores instead of into the waters.)

Parasailing is another sport action perfect for the more adventurous. It’s like sailing, only at a higher altitude.

Other adventures  

For adventures of another kind, the islands rank among the world’s top destinations in terms of glorious food, the night life and the shopping. It is one of the favorite places of the world’s rich and famous.

The Cayman Islands may be a little stiff on the pocket, but the adventures and the fun and everything in between are all once-in-a-lifetime experiences and are priceless.


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