Scott Biddick

Sydney: Pleasant, Mild and Surprising

Not many people know that Sydney is Australia’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city. It is a landmark fit for any traveler’s itinerary. It’s also a superb introduction to Australia and New South Wales, the country’s most diverse state.

Sydney itself offers a mix of tours, attractions and events that allows visitors to discover this city. Surrounding the city is a wonderland of national parks, forests, mountains, river valleys and historic riverside towns.

Since it is in the Pacific, the Sydney temperature is generally within the mid 20’s. it is generally clear of any cloudy skies (it takes around a third of the years) but overall, the city is pleasantly mild.

The surprise

Whether a visitor had been to Sydney or is a first-timer, there is always the possibility of discovering new things on all counts – art, adventure, history or some culture. There are also surprising twists to some ordinary things we take for granted.

The Sydney Opera House is the last number you may do as listed. (There’s an open air cinema and you have to check it out when you are around.) What is surprising is the Climb at the Famous Harbor Bridge.

It’s not a question of whether you like it but it does rank high is the 10 listed things you can do at Sydney. It is an experience that’s worthy for the books. (Tips: Do it in the middle of the day and you are likely to enjoy if you’re cool and relaxed. Being chained to something makes it more exciting. Bring someone you like or at least you like the looks of.)

Harbour Bridge and the Skywalk

The skywalk has the best view of the city. It is also much cheaper, takes lesser times and generally much easier to do than the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. (Of course, you can do both if you want.)

Because it is much higher than the Harbour Bridge, the views you will see at the Skyway is incomparable.

On the other hand, the Sydney Tower brings another pretty good view of the city.

Centennial Park

This is where you find the Moonlight Cinema. They don’t have any seats because it is a BYO affair (Bring your own – food and wine.) it actually does not have the same “wow” factor of open air cinema, although this is an original Australian concept updated every now and then.

One must attend the Open Air Cinema for another unique experience. Situated close to Mrs.  McQuarries Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens, it is expensive, and hardest to get into. However, you have your drink on hand, a big screen in front of you with the Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House as background; have your fill of entertainment at one of Sydney’s best nights. (One caveat: the Open Air Cinema is only open during summer.

Visiting Sydney can be a handful of experiences (crossing the Sydney Harbour or some of the mundane things around the city. The best measure is, of course, how you to take them or something you’d like to experience again.


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