Scott Biddick

Las Vegas – Entertainment in Capital Letters

It’s been called a lot of names – Sin City, America’s Playground, the Entertainment Capital of the World, and each one is just as apt as the others and just as worthy. Yet, Las Vegas, (“the meadows” in Spanish) for all its size (largest in Nevada), could be regarded as one big theme park rather than a city.

It can overwhelm, it can awe, it can open the senses and more – all of which are part of its appeal that no other city has.

For one, this is one city where inhibitions must be kept at home, they’re not welcome here. Like moths to a flame, pleasure seekers are drawn every night to the city. Every one wants to have a piece of that much-sought-after “Viva Las Vegas” spirit. And as they always say, whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.

Popular places

It’s only natural that the places you are most likely to revolve in are around the Strip. This iconic place is where the neon lights are. Together with the famous sights, however loud and cheesy some of them can be, they are crowd-drawers.

You have your chance in dalliance with Lady Luck where she might make or break your bank account with the table games and slot machines found all throughout along Las Vegas Boulevard South. Some of these places have diversions linked to the casinos – gondola rides (imitations of Venice), the Eiffel Tower or some incredible fountain show at the Bellagio.

The Strip has all the best nightclubs to stage your parties, or you can take part in the glitz and glam of Las Vegas Boulevard or check out other things worthwhile out of town (the Mob Museum, or the Neon Museum). Or perhaps check out the Red Rock Canyon or a quick trip to nearby Hoover Dam.

Entertainment center

It was only in 1931 that Nevada legalized gambling, and Las Vegas became an entertainment center to dam workers (Hoover Dam) with casinos and speakeasies. In 10 short years, it surpassed Reno as the gambling capital of the world.

Los Angeles also rose at that time to become a rapidly growing center of entertainment (movies) and manufacturing. Since gambling was prohibited in California at that time, workers started their trek to Las Vegas for vacation, recreation and entertainment.

Today, there are around a hundred extremely entertaining shows all over the city, depending on your fancy, temperament, attitude, adventure, and whatnot. These shows include concerts by internationally-famous singers, circus (the world-famous Cirque du Soleil has 7 ongoing shows in different hotels), magic shows, indoor skydiving, strippers and adult shows of all kinds for all audiences, musicals, comedies, full-length revues and so many more.


When it comes to food, there’s never a shortage of places and choices where to eat in Las Vegas. Whatever you want – from fancy French fares (world-famous Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse have places in the city) – to budget-friendly burgers and those other choices in between, you can always find them in the city.

The city would like to think it has some of the best dining in all of the U.S. Some of them are even served while you enjoy an eye-riveting show. Entertainment rules here.


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