Scott Biddick

Travelling in Europe

It is nice to escape hot summer season by having a long vacation in one of the European countries with your partner in life. During vacation and before everything else, you will must have an itinerary and be able to know where to go and what are the things we need to know when you are travelling as we wanted to have a very organized vacation, so that it would be a great experience to both of you and your partner.

Since both of long for happiness like socialization, food and relaxation you will want to be travel across Europe and experience the different cultures and great places they offer. First is in Austria checking in at Loisium Hotel in Langenlois. The hotel is an 82-room spa hotel specializing in wine-based spa treatments. Planning to go there is very exiting on the first day as you enjoy the luxurious accommodations and view of a beautiful country. Enjoy the meals, with an eye towards wellness, emphasize on eating the local vegetables and fresh fishes. Following an afternoon of wine-tasting in historic Langenlois, and of course as guest you will overly indulge yourselves in the spa hotels signature treatments.

Your next adventure would after the next two days and explore for yourselves the famous city of Budapest. Budapest, Hungary’s capital is also home of a first five-star spa resort, which is located just 15 miles from the capital. At the Polus Palace Thermal Golf Club Hotel you will witness how inviting an indoor-outdoor thermal pool is drawn from local hot springs and cooled to a soothing 90 degrees. Experienced to be treated as a VIP and get the taste of one of their famous attraction the great steam room which is centered on an icy plunge pool. And as guests can move from this watery oasis to the treatment rooms, therapists are very nice and amazing. Budapest is also a very well known city for great parties and corporate meetings. A Tour bus for the city sightseeing can be scheduled so you can discover the great spots and with guides around the famous city.

In the last days of your vacation the last thing to visit must be Barcelona, in Spain. There you can watch the amazing Mediterranean views. Spain is one of the most history rich country and one of the most important countries to have ever moved the world during its reign. It is house of very famous basilicas and also home of the finest cuisine and dishes that we always wanted to eat. It has a 5 star hotel which offers relaxing spacious spa treatment rooms, a sun-soaked corner sauna, steam room, vitality bath, and ice fountain perfect to treat weary travelers.

Traveling is so much if you really have the itinerary and the schedules of where you want to go. Be ready and be prepared for anything also brings some med kits for you to use as you will be traveling to different places in a span of days.


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