Scott Biddick

Traveling to Puerto Rico; why you should consider it

Summer time is here and a break at school is really close. So what would you do during this time of the year? Well you’re off for a travel and vacation of course. Ideally before traveling all you need to do is really plan out, research and read lots of paper ahead of time. You must take note of everything especially on your goals what was that you want to do, where is the best place? How will I enjoy there? Those are just small questions you need to ask yourself whenever you want to go to travel and vacation. But over my long period of research my attention became more captivated in some places of Puerto Rico that was featured in one magazine that I have read. I presented pictures and reasons to my parents and why I am deciding to be at the place and both of us agreed about it.

As it was always my dream of going into places, Puerto Rico is next to my mind as I want to experience paradise vacation came true! In my opinion beaches are its best gorgeous assets such as the mostly undiscovered beaches of Aguadilla and Isabella. It’s more fun to do kite boarding and windsurfing in both of the beaches. We travelled into   North Western most top of the country in Aguadilla. I learned about some of the history of Aguadilla like it is home to the Aguadilla international airport, is one of 12 commercial airports in the country, also, that its name from a time when the U.S. Military would dock rescue boats for downed air planes on its pier. The pier, which still stands today, is a wonderful tourist attraction. Beach goers are known to walk onto the pier and dive into the crystal clear water.

Both municipalities of Aguadilla and Isabella   have their quality waves as we both of my mom and I enjoyed. We enjoy each day hiking, surfing  and snorkeling or horseback riding. And top it off with a delicious dinner at any one of the area’s top restaurants.  After the sun goes down, we embrace music; there we find great options for live music in both small and large venues. You know what makes me happier in the place? Of course another best and popular asset of Puerto Rico is their food and special cuisines, we tried their mofongo. Back in the history of Morongo this type of cuisine is the unofficial namesake of Puerto Rican cuisine, and for a good reason. It is basically a mix of mashed plantains and seasonings to which you can add any number of fillings including fish, shrimp, steak, port or various vegetarian options.

Another good thing to experience is their relaxation times offered at the Spas. While we may not be the world’s foremost traveler, we still have to say that if you are considering a new place to travel, and most would highly recommend a Puerto Rico vacation. We should say ‘if you are considering a NEW place to travel’, only because if you have already been out there everywhere during summer or vacation period and you’re not set on discovering something new, it would be almost a no brainer to return to the shores of Puerto Rico. At least I know that you would be having so much fun and excitement during the trip.


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