Scott Biddick

My Top Summer Destination Wish list

Summer time is here and it is a perfect season to get a break and time off from a whole year of work. This is also the perfect time for the family to enjoy a whole month together off from work for parents and school break vacation for the kids and the rest of the family. There are two things that come in our mind on summer; one is the beautiful beaches and second, the cold temperate environment either on the southern hemisphere or in northern part of Europe. It is going to be a hard choice of where to go, it is not going to be an easy pick but we have to do it. We already got a full year of work, stress and fatigue and it has already been a family tradition that we must enjoy a time of the way, summer specially where we will travel and have lots of fun.

So here is my wish list of where we might go this summer;

Hawaii – Just off the coast of the US; it is a US state territory in the central pacific. An archipelago built by volcanoes thus the soils and land is very rich. The Hawaii islands are very well know beach and summer destination not only because of the beaches and its beautiful waves perfect for surfing, but it also has tranquil spots perfect for swimming and scuba diving. I am sure the kids will also enjoy all the good sceneries inlands and the exotic faunas, forest, and plants around Hawaii. This is a tropical island and one of the best summer destinations around.

Bora Bora – Often disregarded during travel plans but this southern pacific island is also one of the favorites among US and European travelers. Although it is far right down the South Pacific in the Tahiti Islands of French Polynesia but it has picturesque qualities. The waters are so cool and clear and have a lot of lagoons and are a house of very large and famous coral reefs. They also offer luxurious accommodation and a travel tour guides for all those who are traveling the first time on the islands.

Amsterdam – We now have to consider the beautiful countries of Europe and in our list we took interest for Netherlands capital “Amsterdam”. It is a very popular city not because the media and movies have all interest with the city but because Amsterdam is a really beautiful and one of the friendliest city to Travel and very accommodating for travelers and tourists. It is a very historical country and thus it also preserved its long legacy. Perfect for adventure and sightseeing, and they have very enjoyable entertainment and tourist guide information. It is a perfect refuge as the city is very clean and of course it is popular with their coffee and delicacies.

There are a lot more of cities, countries and destinations to think of and consider but we are running out of time so maybe next year we will have a new list. But the 3 destinations I’ve mentioned are places that we took interest upon days and days of thinking, searching and researching of where the family would want to enjoy the summer break.


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