Scott Biddick

South Korea a country that must be in your travel list

Korea is now one of the most sought after travel destinations around the world. The country is clean and peaceful thanks to its government’s policies and open market that makes the country very welcoming to tourists. It is a very beautiful land, aside from its fast track technology just like Japan and the US, aside from the modern world Korea still holds to its roots, tradition and very deep culture. The country is also know to be one of the most welcoming hosts around the globe, but be sure to be respectful and also wear a very beautiful smile like they have. Its capital city Seoul is the one of the world’s leading economic market. The city is beautiful and vibrant and boasts numerous nightlife activities for everyone.

There are tons of tourist and guests adventures and activities that are waiting for anyone who is willing to discover the wonders of South Korea. Just like any other countries in Asia it has lots of shrines and temples this is a proof how proud the Koreans are with their culture, tradition and deep roots in history. In fact South Korea has one of the oldest histories and their ancestors have contributed a lot in development of science and technology that a few in today’s generation have known about. They have excelled in the fields of astronomy and also in combat technology warfare. The countries history is too deep that we let researchers discover and as for us travelers we just need to discover all the wonderful places that the country can offer.

Of course in all travels one should never miss a chance to experience the traditional and authentic Korean cuisines. Who have never heard of the dish called kimchi? In today’s time it is not only a side dish, a condiment or a single dish but Kimchi has made Korea well known and placed its identify more visible on the map, what I meant is that it made the country Korea popular. Rice wines also made it to the world market; this very delicate and unique alcoholic beverage is a local specialty. Wine lovers will definitely love it, although it has a very strong alcohol kick but still it is very delighting to take every once in a while. And speaking of drinking if you are with a Korean local or a Korean friend is sure to ask what the custom is as they are very sensitive in this manner.

When in the country visit other places too not just the traditional travel spots, but try out the bars, the museums and the electronic market. This is very perfect for tech savvy travelers and tourists; the electronic Market at Yongsan is definitely a haven for techs. The place is a complex of buildings specially built to house the shops explicitly for electronic gadgets like the GPS navigators, MP3 players, advanced smart phones, of course the gaming consoles; aside from modern day technology go to the Leeum Samsung Museum of Arts in Mount Namsan. This museum has been pioneering in the education and spread of Korean culture and arts and has also headed in raising the country as a top arts destination.

Truthfully there are still lots of features, places, traditions and culture that we need to discover at this historic country. But first of all we need get a very long check list if you decide to travel to South Korea.


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