Scott Biddick

What to Expect when you travel to Japan

Japan is such a very wonderful country, with lots of wonderful features, beautiful people, beautiful sceneries and a wide range of delicacies, parks, monuments, foods and the unique culture this historic country has to offer. Japan nicknamed land of the rising simply because it is an Island in the Pacific Ocean and has one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.

There are tons of funs and activities you can do while in Japan. Dining of course you should never miss a single one actually you will never miss anything you might not have the time to indulge in their unique feasts. Experience and taste the unique and tradition sushi’s and of course the ramen they are so delicious and you can only definitely taste and savor the authentic flavor while in the country.

Japan is also a well know hiking spots for adventurous travelers. Japan has lots of mountains to explore and they are all very beautiful. They also have snow capped summits and also the mountains of Japan are very exquisite and been traditionally has religious ceremonies and cultural importance to the country. Out of the wondrous city life the outskirts of Japan and its hiking spots are starting to get developed. Thankfully for that as we are all tired of city stress it would be a breath of fresh air to experience something new and especially if it is somewhere calm, clean and very refreshing.

Japan is also very well known because of its shrines and temples where some of them are centuries old. A little knowledge about the shrines; they are called “Shinto” and are used to worship what they call Kami or God much like the Greeks do. There are secrets within the historic shrines but they are hidden to people not because of fear of being damaged or stolen but because they are too precious and too Sacred to be seen by people. There are different kinds of shrines in which they are classified as imperial shrines, Inari Shrines, Hachiman, Tenjin, Sengen and also some clans or of course in our simple terms family shrines especially if the ancestor is of historic origin or once held power in the course of time and helped nurture japans future. The shrines and temples especially those which are open for tourists and guests now have offices and guides for easy navigation of the place.

Who would never have heard of the word otaku, manga and anime? Japan is its origins and has become an identity of the country to the world in today’s generation. In fact this medium and new culture has helped Japan paved way to be known to this generation.  A few events have spawned from cosplays to conventions.

While in Japan of course never forget about the shopping Districts. You will be amazed of all the wonderful products they have. Actually the country has known to develop and create a lot of valuable things like in electronics the TV, cell phones, and cameras and even gamers will like it here this is where play station was developed.

There are a lot of things to expect and to be experienced but most important of all the warm welcome of the resident’s just makes the stay in this north cold country much warmer, more fruitful and more enjoyable.


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