Scott Biddick

Enjoy a Family Vacation in Guam

Vacation with the whole family is a real perfect get away from stress, fatigue and work. This is also the time for the whole family to relax, see all the magnificent attractions in a place, go shopping, unwind in a beach or park and let the kids play to their hearts’ content. And one of the places that every family would want to visit and enjoy is the small Island of Guam. There are lot of adventures and excitement that every family and every traveler will be able to discover in this small Island territory.

Guam is a very small U.S. Island territory in Micronesia in the western pacific. Even as a Small Island it is also one of the top tourist destinations in the western pacific. It is distinguished as small Las Vegas in the Western Pacific and also has one of the most beautiful tropical beaches perfect for those who love to swim and bathe in the sun. it also hosts a lot of exiting adventures from Ancient latte stone pillars, wild life refuge to city life with hubs, bars, casinos and more.

Traveling with family and especially with children might seem difficult because you will be in a foreign Island. But parents need not worry when they decided to travel to Guam together with their children. Guam especially is popular and they want to be known is the Chamorro culture. People of Guam are very proud of their heritage and culture and this well known culture the Chamorro is one of the traits and features that Guam has to boast for. They have festivals, fiestas, heritage sites and much more and do not forget the beautiful people of Guam. While in Guam you don’t just have to experience the place, the culture, the event but also enjoy its vast natural resources and most especially the beautiful and luxurious beaches. Guam is not an expensive travel destination as there are also tour packages and inexpensive resorts and hotels that tourist and travel can get an accommodation from. While in Guam on the first day it is best to hire tourist guides or join a tour bus to enjoy much of the Island to enjoy and learn more on your first day.

Guam’s cuisine is among the top choices in the culinary world. With a lot of different cuisines mixing together from India to Chinese, Malaysian to American heritage when they mixed in all those wonderful, savory, tasty and spicy you will be out of your mind all the amazing dishes and cuisines Guam has to offer. Try their local delicacies of coconut candies, kadon pika, the local red rice, kelaguen and of course everyone’s favorite the barbecues.

While in Guam you might be wary of transportation. It might be the best for the whole family to rent a car but it is a slight bit expensive, however to fully enjoy a foreign land you just have to take the bus like everybody else. Guam’s transportation scheme is very strict and thus it is considered as one of the safest places to travel. Its local government has programs to combat pollution and so means the city is also clean, the citizens are well disciplined. There are also a lot of tourist guides and tour packages that every traveler might want to try to hire and enjoy a few whole days of exploring the great city Island city.


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