Scott Biddick

Are you ready for a Travel? How Prepared are you?

Here comes the time again for a great adventure, excitement and of course a time off and discover or revisit places that you wanted to. It is now the time for vacation and travel, however traveling is not that easy it has to be planned and decided months before your schedule. It cannot happen on the spot as you have to settle and prepare things like budget and accommodation. Choosing your travel destination this year does not pop-out in mind you have to decide to best suit what you wanted to do on your free time. With all the preparation needed it won’t be a hassle when the time of the year comes for you to enjoy your travel and vacation.

On months before your travel first thing to do is think about the places and countries you want to visit sort them out by places you have not traveled and places you want to revisit. You know that you cannot travel the whole year round of course unless it is part of your job, but even so you cannot just decide on the spot otherwise you will lose precious time, resources and of course the budget. You will not enjoy your travel and vacation if decision is not made early and you just decided on a whim and thinking “Oh I should have just gone here” regrets. So to not regret a decision on the place and destination months before after you decide to take a travel vacation choose the destination that you really want to be this year. Once a destination is chosen then it is time to know more about the place, the custom, the features, the tourist attractions. It is also important to know how to reach the destination as it is not easy to just board the plane and arrive there, there might be some restrictions and travel guidelines that is implemented especially on a foreign country.

After you decided on the destination or destinations there comes the funding and the budget for your travels that of course you use to spend for food, transport and accommodation. Also include in your budget the souvenirs, the fees and other form of expenditures so that you will have enough to enjoy all the features, activities and have more fun as you go and roam the place of your destination. Having the total amount of budget plus extra early on could save you a lot of trouble. You never know what might happen and who knows you might want to spend an extra day or 2 and transfer to another hotel.

Planning the exact time or day to start your travel will come after you have chosen a destination and then how much can you afford the travel. Planning out the time or day is to prepare you in advance of what you will bring and also do not bring everything in your closet just bring enough clothes and a few gadgets with you like cellphone, cameras and laptop if you need the use of it. Also bring a secured pouch for your travel documents those are really important to any traveler. And when the time comes just enjoy all the fun and time given to you and make each second count.


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