Scott Biddick

Why Travel and have a Vacation to Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro popular to the festival of Mardigras, home to the Giant Statue of Jesus Christ, beautiful people, rich culture and of course any traveler cannot forget great food. Recently Rio has been on the spotlight thanks to the world’s most prestine sports event the Olympics. Rio de Janeiro or just simply Rio is a very popular city of Brazil. The popularity was boast because it is in fact one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not to mention it was made more popular by celebrities, models, soccer, the world cup and even a movie titled Rio was produced. And because of the Olympics it was once become the most traveled city in the world and with the Olympics coverage the city of Rio de Janeiro has become the world’s center stage and the whole world has come to take a glimpse of what the beautiful city can offer.

If you have decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro then it’s time to give yourself a pat in the back and congratulate yourself, you have a really really good decision. The climate in Rio is just perfect not too hot as it is far south of the equator and not too cold either because it is located just in the right latitude of South America. Rio is majestic travel there can be considered a luxury with its ambient environment, the wonderful Ipanema nightlife and the popular Copacabana which is known for its beautiful beach which is located just south of the city. From Copacabana a barrio or a community just south of the city hosts to all luxurious hotels and resort. But never fret or discourage as some hotels are actually affordable but definitely you can find a travel and accommodation package that will suit you.

If you want something new and more like a city life travel then experience the Ipanema night life and and activities. Is also a neighborhood in the southern city of Rio and also has great beautiful beaches just like in the Copacabana neighborhood. Ipanema is also known for its elegant and luxurious social life. You will always find sports fields in the area for sports like football or soccer, volleyball and watch something new which the footvolley sport. Footvolly is a local invented sport in Rion in which they combine aesthetics of volleyball and football much like the Indonesian Sepak takraw. Rio is known to be one of the greatest cities for parties and nightlife and thus no wonder it is famous to celebrities and all kinds of travelers from around the world. Ipanema also hosts high end restaurants, lounges, bars and sophisticated party venues.

While in Rio you should not only experience the normal city life, discover its culture, the great local food and Brazilian cuisines. Brazilian cuisine might not be as popular as the Mexican but it will surely have its own punch, spice and definite identify not found on other cuisines. For example if you are looking for fries why not the difference with the cassava tastes fries as an alternative and new taste. Try also to have a taste of their pastels and of course the varying Rice dishes and stews that would surely blow your mind away.

There are a lot more of places and experience that travelers can discover in Rio so better plan your time ahead so you can joy most if not all of the beautiful time and luxury you can get from Rio De Janeiro.


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