Scott Biddick

A Culinary Adventure, Traveling to Japan

The most exciting and probably the most beautiful part of having a vacation in other countries is of course to taste the authentic and delicious foods they can offer. A travel to Japan is not only to visit monuments, temples, the Mount Fuji or traveling to its beautiful sceneries but Japan is also renowned for its unique and delicious cuisines. In fact Japan’s food is being sought after around the world and of course while in Japan why don’t you try the difference in tasting the most traditional and most authentic Japanese cuisines.

Whenever you have a vacation or travel the culinary adventure is surely part of it. Of course how can you enjoy and spend more time in place or country if you are not going to taste out all their unique and delicious cuisines. Japan in particular has the cuisines that is most sought after in first class restaurants, cruise travel around the world. So traveling to Japan should also include the discovery and taste of its authentic food dishes. Do not go to fancy restaurants in order to taste the dishes it is best to go to family diners and food stalls as they offer the most authentic dishes to serve. Another reason is that family restaurants and diners have recipe’s that has been passed down from generation to generation keeping the tradition and culture of a Japanese culinary experience.

Back to Japan’s culinary adventure the other reason why it is popular is not only because they are unique and delicious but they are considered health as well. They boast of the use of spices and vegetables on every dish they offer and you will notice by doing a simple research that Japan has the lowest obesity rate in the world and when you travel there you will notice people to be at really good condition and high spirits. Some of the world’s most popular dishes is the sushi and sashimi you will never get any types of dishes anywhere else as this is distinct to Japanese cuisine. The okonomiyaki or Japanese pancakes is a treat to try when you can, the Authentic Japanese Ramen which is very popular for breakfast as it gives the extra boost for work during the day; barbecues or the sukiyakis and many more dishes to try and discover.

You might not be aware of this but Japan could be considered to have different regions each of them has a defining history and culture and each region offers different atmosphere and of course they also have each of their own versions of foods to offer. Namely the Osaka, Tokyo and Kanto regions are some of the places worth of mention. Not mention traveling to these regions will also include traveling via their world famous bullet train, now that is an experience worth to take. Japan could be one of the most expensive places to Visit but that is specifically inherit to Tokyo so try to book yourself away from the city and choose other places for a suitable budget travel package to Japan and this includes the Travel to Osaka. Japan is also popular with hot springs because the country is volcanic in nature but the hot springs are an absolute getaway and relaxation yet to be experienced by travelers.


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