Scott Biddick

More than a shopping spree, Hongkong is a wonderland

There are more things to discover and experience than just having a time for travel and vacation. What are the reasons that you travel to other places and countries anyway? Of course you set a course of purpose, a course of timeline and course of what to do wherever you go. Ideally you spend the time preciously not just to enjoy and relax because it is vacation time but it gives you the opportunity to discover and experience new things in life. Traveling and vacation to other places allows you to also discover how vast and wonderful our world is. It is also the chance for us and the whole family to experience something remarkable.

When it comes time for vacation the destination is always a hard choice. There are a lot of places and countries that we all want to visit but given our limited time we just want to make sure that we chose the best place we could ever find and decide. If you want a change of pace in a cool city why not try to travel to Hongkong. This city is world renowned as a shopping district and today it is now home to the world’s famous theme park the Disneyland. There are many features and travel packages available for Hongkong tours. In fact if not for the shopping spree traveling to Hongkong is one of the most cheapest and budget friendly travel destination for everyone. This is why the city of Hongkong is one of the most busiest tourist spot in South East Asia.

Formerly a British colony and was just turned over as a Chinese territory in the 90’s, Hongkong is the envy of every great city not only in Asia but of the other European and Western countries because of economic boost. As a Chinese territory and with Chinese culture they also offer a very great variety of dishes and are very popular with their authentic Hongkong cuisine. Even if there is western influence because of the century being a colony of the British country it still preserve its tradition, even if it has western influence it still has its very own tradition and culture that they boast for.

The main city of Hongkong is what every traveler especially for women really love to have their vacations spent there. A small city and also a small Island of Hongkong is very popular because of its shopping district. This is maybe the prime spot for all travelers with tour packages and hotel packages you will never get wrong in choosing this Island as your travel destination. The foods are all great and are offering a variety of real authentic Hongkong dishes. From the famous noodles and soups to great dishes that can only be found on expensive restaurants in other countries, but in Hongkong those dishes can be cheap and some of the most exquisite and most delicious foods in Hongkong are found in small diners and in the streets. But more on the food and the shopping spree the Island is also full of all other tourist attraction like the temples, skyscrapers, the ocean park and more.


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