Scott Biddick

What to expect when traveling to Singapore

At long last you got the chance to have a very nice vacation with your family. It is now the time of the year again where you can take a break from all those stressful and strenuous day to day tasks and work. It is now time to take a breath and enjoy a nice long travel and vacation with your family. Where would be the best place to spend this wonderful time but in the beautiful country of Singapore? Singapore maybe just a small country but it is packed with lots of fun, adventure, places to visit and of course the all time favorite the delicacies and the food.

A brief history about Singapore tells us how diverse its culture is. It is considered home to different races of Malays, Indians, Chinese and a former British Island City colony. It has been always a center of economy and trade within the South East Asia region. But above all that with different people and different culture they have evolved into one of the world’s most beloved country and an envy of other countries in terms of economic stability and a tourist destination.

So what could anyone expect when they get the chance to travel to this great Island Nation?

The landmarks and tourist destinations are Singapore’s pride. The place where any visitors, travelers, and vacationers need to visit when they arrive there is the place called the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. This should be on the very first priority of your itinerary. It offers a magnificent the iconic skypark and infinity pool. Skypark is the Hotel’s prime attraction not only for guests but from any visitors and travelers as well. The Skypark’s infinity pool is now one of the world’s renowned swimming pool and has become an iconic attraction in Singapore. Not only that it also houses bars and a restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines and food that surely everyone will enjoy. And do not end there yet Skypark has being built at the very top of the hotel has observation decks. From the observation decks you can view the whole beautiful city of Singapore and added to that the fresh strong winds and fresh air blowing and breezing away as you relax and have fun.

Next would be a visit to a place called Gardens by the bay. This is one of Singapore’s most popular destinations and it has already become the country’s landmark by landing on the Guinness book of world record for breaking the record of having the largest glass greenhouse all over the world. As a green house and obviously a garden it is very breath taking; it is a nature sanctuary which takes care a variety of plants. More over the largest greenhouse has been known to nurture and grow around close of more than 350,000 different plants and variety of species from around the world. This is also one of the world’s Architecture marvels that have been an envy of both architects and engineers from all over the world.

Singapore also has more to offer aside from the popular and iconic landmarks and travel destinations they also have other places that shows and offers attractions that you will not find anywhere else. Discover and enjoy vacation and adventure with your family and you will surely have a great time.


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