Scott Biddick

A great Asian adventure in Guam

It was just last month we decided to fly going to Guam to continue our vacation. Ideally will have a tropical country to visit, so this is where our next tropical travelling country to have been visit .We prioritized Macau trip during this time because for us the place was so tempting while we are on research where places we should go. Planning for our travel were quite easy as there are a lot guides and information we found online about Guam travel and vacation but we needed to have a perfect travel experience. We chose Guam travel package and stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days the best thing of all is that it is near Hongkong and Macau.

While in Guam we discovered that the island can be effortlessly circled in just a day. But obviously that won’t happen because we want to explore the island more. Driving the circumference of the island to get your bearings is the best way to spend your first day in Guam. We will surely be fascinated by the sharp contrast between the tourist side of the island, which is located around Tumon Bay in the Northwest, and the native side, which is found toward the southern tip of the island.

In our first night we choose to stay in the luxury resort along Tumono Bay. After another night of crossing in the island we tried great spas in the island and it is very great experience of relaxation throughout of the evening on the island at Chamorro Village which is next to Paseo de Susana. We also learned a lot about culture of native Chamorro in their public market as they show us their crafts and let us try their original local cuisines and then half of the day we explore Guam’s beautiful waterfalls inland boast. We enjoyed swimming in Talofofo falls. This falls features a thirty-foot cascade of water that drops into a deep pool. After swimming we explore a cave. According to what we discover from guide tour that a Japanese sergeant inhabited for thirty years, thinking World War II was still being fought. We also try to visit the emerald gem.

Exploring Guam is no hassle as there is a Public transportation available, but we refer taxi service and we need not to worry as they are very friendly and reliable. Taxi service however is expensive than riding a public transportation for a short ride. The roads on Guam are also very clean and touring it with bike is also a great feat. The best choice really is to rent a car or taxi so we did it too and that gives us more safety and convenient while we are travelling. The Guam car rental industry is quite competitive so you can get pretty good rates although they are a little higher than the US. Regarding the rules of the road can be similar to US mainland laws as the island of Guam is an unincorporated Territory of the USA. In overall of our vacation Guam is one of the best paradise we have visited where worlds away from the mainland. We really experience the friendliness of Pacific life.


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