Scott Biddick

A Hidden Wonder; the Philippines

Since I am on the age where I need to challenge myself to know how to travel independently, I need to do it by myself. I think of travelling in the Philippines. I like Philippines and I love sharing my experiences and enjoinment with you all. My feeling of traveling alone in this great country is also about figuring stuff about me, I gained more self actualization and give me more help becoming best version of me while being happy and knowing other people.

Why I like the Philippines? Actually I have many reasons, the beach, the restaurants, the malls plus it has never been difficult for to communicate with people around there as mostly can understand English and speak either way. There can be lots of various destination in the Philippines to go and explore along but I will share about this certain place in the Visayas which I considered as my Philippines best destination and I will highly recommend it to everyone even you are travelling solo. The city is called Cebu which is in my opinion the best city in the Philippines to travel, it is so fascinating even at provincial region it is very progressive and very refreshing!

When I already arrive at Cebu airport I rented a taxi and ask the driver of what hotel he can recommend for me to check-in that is affordable but clean and comfortable to stay, so he brought me in La Esperanza pension. I observed that the style of hotel is very traditional type and it has exhibit of Filipino culture partly the Cebuano’s culture. The hotel room is very good and so cheap. Ayala mall is just near so I try to shop there to buy all my needs for my stay in Cebu. The mall is big and has so many kinds and styles of fashions from different countries. There are many good and highly class restaurants at Ayala mall but I choose to have my dinner at the famous restaurant Zubuchon which is a short drive from the mall. I was so excited about the place and to try the Cebu’s best Lechon ever and as featured in the show Great Reservations by Anthony Bourdain. It is already a delicacy The taste is incredibly delicious, soft meat, crunchy skin and best of all it is so savory that a sauce is not needed.  It is actually already having been in my plan to have dinner at this famous restaurant that gives me so much excitement before my travel.

After a few days at the city I travel to Blue orchid resort to witness life away from the city. Just a few hours of road travel but when I arrived at the resort I was relieved. I can say that the resort is well organized, nestling and location is so good because it is along a quiet stretch of coastline where It’s good to swim and have snorkel on the excellent house reef within a stone’s throw of your room or watch the sunset from the terrace or one of the little lounge cabanas. In this place I also conclude that helpful to have an enjoinment even you are alone because there are many great activities offered on the site. Standard room is excellent as it is large enough, fully furnished and very comfortable to sleep as they provide mosquito nets. A sea view sea view in the veranda is added great excellence in the hotel to check in. The staff is very welcoming and accommodating. They are very fantastic in their style of team preparing delicious food and drinks all day long.

There are much more places to visit and explore but we will need more travel and vacation time to experience all the beauty and adventure of this country.


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