Scott Biddick

A memorable luxurious travel to China

As a usual and very uncommon as it may sound, I brought up the planned itinerary I organized before I arrived in China for the very first time. I was really surprised to find new and unique places out there very unique from any other countries I have visited. The first destination is I arrived at the city of Shanghai China. I was really fascinated by all the different modern buildings, malls, hotel and condos. I had indulged myself in this beautiful Colonial-style building along the river an area what on they called the bund where I learned that it is a remarkable building from the old European days. The trip is so marvelous and the city lit up at night. I also dig into the platform at the top of the Jin Mao Tower, It was really very tall and was named as the third highest building on earth, the tallest with a hotel inside which is the Hyatt hotel. The tower was very stunning and amazing that the building with is 89 stories high. It was very impressive magnificent.

At night I have never forgot to have a look and eat at the restaurant buffet at the Hyatt on the 53rd level. The foods there are all savory and tasty. It was an amazing experience where I tasted food in their very authentic flavors. And I am wishing and hope I could go back again; next to my schedule as I go up to the bar on the 89th floor. There I met new people, foreigners like me and we enjoyed together with some good drinks and cocktails while enjoying the views of this truly fascinating moments for me! The next morning I never forgot to go into the famous Shanghai shopping street and lighting effects in China. Nanjing Road which is just a short walk from the Bund; I also walked to the Antique markets, Bird and Bug markets, and also in what they call Commodity markets. I bought out all the good clothes from the fabric markets. I was able to go around at local markets because I have heard it was really a very famous market cheap yet luxurious. What I have noticed there is that the market street was so complete where you can buy all the world’s best brand names and surprisingly most of the items are very affordable compared to the price at other places where I have been.

I’ve also taken the liberty to look into the place of Xintain Di district which is the social hub of Shanghai, because I was really a very fashionable person about to go crazy over the very best in chic and style which are all in display. I also tried to buy and drink those amazing unique Chinese wines they are selling. There’s also the exhibit of amazing expensive car at the place. For me my new travel to this wonderful place gives me a conclusion that the city of Shanghai China could be a place where you can all enjoy shopping and experience a unique place where you will meet various creative creations of people. So for those people who wants to travel to a real modern city it is very wise to go to Shanghai, the place if you want to travel in China.


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