Scott Biddick

The most remarkable travel experience in this year, Bangkok tours

Since there’s a lot of question of what could be our most remarkable travel moment in this year was, I would like to take the opportunity to share our travels in Bangkok Thailand with my family. We had a very wonderful time and experience together. We took the hassle free package for the best Bangkok Tour. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. The city is very luscious and lively place to visit. It boasts of having a conservative culture while embracing the modern world. It is definitely a worth as one of the best places to travel in South East Asian region.

Upon arriving to the lively city, we first indulge to explore into what they call the Damnem Saduak Floating market as it is what we have been hearing for as the world’s most famous floating market and the bustling scene is a breathtaking snapshot of the exotic country of Thailand. While I and my family were happily riding in a boat we feel fresh cool air and witness many wonderful sights and were very fascinated with the floating market tour guide speaking in English. Once you arrive at the market you will be taken to the water in a traditional long-tail boat and have your own driver paddle you between hundreds of boats selling fresh produce, souvenirs and delicious Thai food. Once you have enjoyed the floating market you will be returned to your hotel. The floating market tour will last for around 6 hours. On the next tour, we traveled towards Samut Songkram Province while we are being entertained about their cultural and stories context of the place. Tiger temple and The Bridge on the River Kwai, it was wonderful for us both although it might quite scary at first but later we had appreciated seeing animals such wild cats and elephants leopards. Of course we have taken pictures beside these sanctuary wonderful animals for our both big remembrance.

Next place we went to before our second day will end is in the oriental Kwai resort to check in and sleep over at their resort room, and definitely to enjoy the perks of the resort for another day. Then we plan out to stay at this resort for 2 more nights. The resort room was great with a view onto the river Kwai. Breakfast was really good and satisfying. We would recommend the resort for our friends and neighbors who want to travel to Bangkok and wants to find a comfortable room. We enjoyed swimming in the resort’s beautiful and clean pool. Our day is relaxed and we went to tour around the glorious gardens, the cabins are really comfortable and the foods at the restaurants are fantastic. On the second night we greatly love the world renowned Thai massage in the spa for relaxation. Last part of our tour is we book to visit the coconut farm as we should know real experience about what we have read. We had real experience about how sugar is created for authentic sweets and desserts and got some of it to make it our bring home take out. We never forget to go at Bangkok common restaurants as it is well known to be high when it comes to foodie credentials. Bangkok is a really lively and great city worth of the time of travel.


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