Scott Biddick

Europe travel destination, discover the wonders of Latvia

There is a new Europe travel destination that everybody needs to keep in mind every time we speak of vacation and specifically places to visit in Europe. My interests grow with the young European country of Latvia. My first impression of this country was that it is a country of beautiful people. As a young country it stood up well, the people is peaceful the country is very scenic and very inspiring. This country is sandwiched between other young countries of Lithuania and Estonia in the Baltic Sea. The country might belong to a minority in Europe but its history is very rich. Although the country was established in 1918 after the Russian empire it was again returned as one of the provinces in Russia until they separated and make their final independence in 1989. Although it has its political difficulties prior to independence they stood up. After 30 years of independence the young country is growing strong and is now one of the most sought after tourist destination in Europe. This is also thanks to the Latvian citizens and their very strong support to their country. Travelers and tourists who have already visited the country shared their experiences and discovered that there is more to experience in Europe not only Paris, UK and Germany. It is worth to note that other countries and the smaller ones are worth the visit and experience.

Their location is a perfect combination of cool dense forests and beautiful beaches. It still has that cultural reservation as the country still stands with their famous wooden arts and nouveau architecture which is a very unique feature of the Baltic region. Riga, Latvia’s capital city is now one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and also one of the emerging popular tourist destinations in the European continent. Culture in Latvia is very preserved and can be visited and discovered in their Museums and most notably the country is popular to what architectures call the Nouveau architecture. The nouveau architect is very similar to the renaissance work of art as described it means a new art of architecture. Latvia will not be behind with other European countries like Paris and London in regards to fashion, the City of Riga is now starting to bloom and expand to the popularity in the European fashion industry. With regards to food they also have cuisines that are very perfect in the Baltic region and they offer delicacies and food dishes that everyone will truly enjoy and be satisfied. With regards to weather one could say it is a very perfect location with climate in the perfect range of temperature. It has four seasons and summer is not too hot and burning so you can still enjoy the sun without the burn. Winter in the country is also great and matched with the countries beautiful scenery winter in Latvia will be an experience you have never seen before.

It is easy to travel but choosing the destination will always be a difficult part. Latvia the country of rich history, culture and also a very young political history is a perfect new travel destination that every traveler should consider.


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