Scott Biddick

Easy travel to Asia

Asia is a very vast continent and consists of great countries to visit. Asian continent is split to other Asian region which consists of the Middle East, South East, Central Asia, South East Asia and others. This is why traveling to Asia really needs thorough research and information gathering regarding prospective countries that you would like to visit and travel. Almost all countries in Asia are worth the travel experience except maybe in most countries in the Middle East because it is being ravaged by war and violence so it is safe to exclude countries from there. Maybe Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai are a few Middle Eastern countries that can be considered as these countries are away from harm. It is a fact that Traveling to Asia is never really easy because of the numbers of beautiful countries to visit most especially the most popular countries of China, Japan and South Korea.

When speaking of Asia the most popular countries and city of travel are:

Hong Kong – known as a shopping capital because of its vast commerce and consumer products. Cheap clothing lines, authentic Chinese foods, medicines and more. Hong Kong also built a lot of artificial islands that are very lucrative but is now an exciting place to visit while in Hong Kong. It is a city of cities in Asia as traveling to Hong Kong is really cheap the accommodation is really affordable. It is possible to travel to other nearby countries through Hong Kong nearest country to jump over is Thailand then Vietnam both are great countries with a rich cultural backdrop. And don’t forget the little Las Vegas Asia which is Macau which can be traveled only through Hong Kong ferry.

South Korea – is a beautiful country, an emerging economic country and technology. Samsung a company popular because of living room entertainment and smart phones is a Korean company as well as car companies like Kia which offers cheap but high quality cars that is on par with the expensive BMW. Also a food haven Korean cuisine is starting to be globally introduced and become a good option due to not only of the delicious savory taste but also some dishes are said to be medicinal.

Japan – is probably one of the most exclusive and luxurious country to visit. The great history of Japan is worth the research and information to gather. Knowing its history will make you more interested in Japan. Although the country has experience a lot of war for over a thousand years but that also makes them strong and maybe that has helped their culture to prosper more. As of today one of the great features that I like in that country is that the Japanese culture is still very imminent and very much existing in the modern world. It is also one of the largest exporters of electronic products from entertainment to transportation it is truly one country of immense technological advancement. But even with all the modernization that happens whenever anyone travels to this country they will still be brought to its cultural heritage and the calm and clean environment.

There are a lot more Asian countries to travel but the easiest way to make a decision is to make a shortlist then match with what you wanted to do in your travel and with that process you will definitely make a travel choice that will truly enjoyable.


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