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How to travel to Cuba with ease and worry free

There is one tropical country in the Caribbean that is worth the travel and vacation that is the Island of Cuba. It is one of the perfect travel destinations that everyone will truly enjoy. If a traveler is looking for perfect getaway from cold and stressful life, the mix of warm climate and fun is what everyone is looking for. Cuba is a very amazing place for tourists, which is also why it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean islands. It is a very peaceful and great country to have vacation and explore nature too. However the government is very strict which makes it a safe place for everybody to visit and travel, contrary to what most of us heard. The country is very calm and quiet with lovely and lively people ready to welcome everyone who visits their place.  It will be a definite enjoyable travel experience once you got there.

Traveling to any places is supposed to be easy only if you are prepared. Like in Cuba before embarking on the journey it would be best to find a map of the place. If you are a traveler whether you visited the place once or couple of times already it is relatively important that we know where to go. It is also in the best interest of everybody to check in with the local tourist stations to better understand the place you are going. Cuba is a very strict county but it does not mean it is a very bad place to visit, it just makes it better. As long you abide by their laws you will never get into trouble in anyways. The next things is to know about their language. It is a Latin country so the residents speak Spanish however they also know how to communicate in English except for a few people. Just similar to any other foreign countries, it is actually easier to communicate to people in Cuba than you do when you go to Asian countries. Also never forget to store contact information just in case you get into trouble or get lost on your adventure. Store and memorize the phone numbers of the hotel you are checked in, the local police, the nearest hospital and local tourist guides. This are just the basics in case of emergency situation and you don’t to worry anything but enjoy your travel and adventure in the beautiful country. The people are very helpful to everyone there are still crooks on the streets just like in any neighborhood or just like where you came from. Don’t let that spoil your vacation because there are more people who are very friendly and welcoming to tourist and travelers.

A lot of tourist has already made the travel and all of them have a very great experience and have shared it to their friends. The nice beaches, the unique Cuban cuisines that has been sought after in any other places and the warmest people you can meet, all of these are what make a Cuban vacation really one of a kind.

Scott Biddick

A great wild adventure awaits in Australia the land down under

Australia is not just a country but it is a continent itself which boasts of beautiful mountains, rich coral reefs, unique architectures that are very artistic. Australia also has the most beautiful beaches that all travelers will truly love and add to the tranquil and fresh atmosphere. It is truly a beautiful country that traveling with friends and family will surely make this Australian adventure memorable. To get most out of the adventure and enjoy this beautiful Island continent, get a hint and help from Australia travel guides. Make sure to also get the time to visit it’s iconic tourist destinations which are the Barrier reefs, the city of Sydney, South Australia and more. There are also unique animals living there and can only be found in the country which is the Kangaroo and the koalas. They are Australian native animals that only breed and exist in this country.

To jump start your Australian travel it would be wise to start off the journey starting from Sydney and from there you can go anywhere and travel through the cities. Sydney is a city in South Wales and is Australia’s premier city that houses the popular Sydney Opera House which is known as one of the marvels in architecture and engineering. The city of Sydney has so many attractions that not only locals love but will surely satisfy all tourists and travelers. Sydney hosts so many global galleries and museums that keep Australia’s most treasured collections which include paintings, sculpture and the rich history. The Sydney Tarongga zoo is another great feature of the city and they take care of most of the wildlife animals that are only native of Australia. There are also beautiful Palm beaches that everyone will enjoy.

For the nature lovers and all tourist to enjoy a more exciting adventure travel down to the world’s popular Great Barrier Reef. The Australian Great barrier reef is a group of really amazing and magnificent lively coral reefs that is home to thousands of different species of fishes and marine plants. The reef stretches for miles and it is a perfect spectacle for divers, nature lovers and photographers. It is a really picturesque beauty that can only be enjoyed and found in this lovely country. Other popular tourist destination is the city of Melbourne and Brisbane. Of course all of the cities and places in the country are really beautiful and very heart warming. The Australian outback is also famous because of the warm temperature and of course the wild chase and adventure with its native animals and you can even enjoy a playtime with kangaroos. Although playing with the kangaroos should be avoided as they are known to have a little temper.

Planning a trip to Australia has never been easy. As a huge country there are a lot of travel agencies everywhere that can help you with your travel plans to Australia. There are also websites and online information to get more information about the country and things you expect. You can plan out your activities for the whole week or even a month if the time is given to you and everyone will surely enjoy this unique adventure.

Scott Biddick

Why you should consider Panama as your vacation destination

Panama has recently been a world highlight because of its controversial Panama papers which exposes evil deeds and corruptions of governments, corporations and celebrities of every country in the world. But more than that Panama paper the country itself is a really peaceful state. Panama is the country that separates the Central and South America. Panama is more than just a link or a passageway; it is a combination of development, modernization with nature reservations and rainforests that you will never find anywhere else. It is truly a majestic country with very welcoming people. Known to be a paradise for travelers and offers a variety of opportunities to shop, have fun and even invest. One of the best thing to experience in Panama is that it is perfectly situated where the atmosphere and climate is perfect. And everyone can enjoy Panama anytime of the year because of its almost perfect climate and atmosphere that is sought after by every tourist and travelers from around the world.

The Panama Canal, one of the engineering marvels is a gateway that links the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean. The Building of the canal has made the voyage of ships and vessels from the Pacific to the Atlantic portion without going or traveling to a very long route around the whole South America. The capital city is also called Panama. The Panama city has all the entertainment and activities that tourist will surely enjoy. From the modern skyscrapers, the colonial districts in Casco Viejo, the casinos and the lively nightclubs for everyone to enjoy. There are also destinations for nature lovers like the Natural metropolitan park and the rainforests.

There will always be a perfect time for vacation and travel and also a perfect destination to complement with it. A holiday and a travel vacation is the only time that we can enjoy together fun and excitement in new places and destinations with family or friends. The travel to Panama will be a decision that you will never regret and will surely be satisfied. It is country with rich culture and reserved rainforests and tropical beaches near the Caribbean. A Panama travel package will definitely help with taking care of all your Panama travel needs. You can also ask travel guides while in the country and they will be happy to serve all guests and tourist. Panama offers a variety of features to offer to adventurers, tourists and for the whole family. They can choose any or all of the great offers of the beautifully country. A dive and snorkeling adventure to the Panama waters will surely make it a unique travel experience. For those who are more of thrill seekers you can also visit Volcanoes. And how about some little Pirate experience by visiting and enjoying the Panama bays. The Panama bays were known as a hiding place and refuge of pirates. Then for a more nature loving experience and adventure, Panama has one of the liveliest and tranquil rainforests in the world.

Scott Biddick

A memorable luxurious travel to China

As a usual and very uncommon as it may sound, I brought up the planned itinerary I organized before I arrived in China for the very first time. I was really surprised to find new and unique places out there very unique from any other countries I have visited. The first destination is I arrived at the city of Shanghai China. I was really fascinated by all the different modern buildings, malls, hotel and condos. I had indulged myself in this beautiful Colonial-style building along the river an area what on they called the bund where I learned that it is a remarkable building from the old European days. The trip is so marvelous and the city lit up at night. I also dig into the platform at the top of the Jin Mao Tower, It was really very tall and was named as the third highest building on earth, the tallest with a hotel inside which is the Hyatt hotel. The tower was very stunning and amazing that the building with is 89 stories high. It was very impressive magnificent.

At night I have never forgot to have a look and eat at the restaurant buffet at the Hyatt on the 53rd level. The foods there are all savory and tasty. It was an amazing experience where I tasted food in their very authentic flavors. And I am wishing and hope I could go back again; next to my schedule as I go up to the bar on the 89th floor. There I met new people, foreigners like me and we enjoyed together with some good drinks and cocktails while enjoying the views of this truly fascinating moments for me! The next morning I never forgot to go into the famous Shanghai shopping street and lighting effects in China. Nanjing Road which is just a short walk from the Bund; I also walked to the Antique markets, Bird and Bug markets, and also in what they call Commodity markets. I bought out all the good clothes from the fabric markets. I was able to go around at local markets because I have heard it was really a very famous market cheap yet luxurious. What I have noticed there is that the market street was so complete where you can buy all the world’s best brand names and surprisingly most of the items are very affordable compared to the price at other places where I have been.

I’ve also taken the liberty to look into the place of Xintain Di district which is the social hub of Shanghai, because I was really a very fashionable person about to go crazy over the very best in chic and style which are all in display. I also tried to buy and drink those amazing unique Chinese wines they are selling. There’s also the exhibit of amazing expensive car at the place. For me my new travel to this wonderful place gives me a conclusion that the city of Shanghai China could be a place where you can all enjoy shopping and experience a unique place where you will meet various creative creations of people. So for those people who wants to travel to a real modern city it is very wise to go to Shanghai, the place if you want to travel in China.

Scott Biddick

The most remarkable travel experience in this year, Bangkok tours

Since there’s a lot of question of what could be our most remarkable travel moment in this year was, I would like to take the opportunity to share our travels in Bangkok Thailand with my family. We had a very wonderful time and experience together. We took the hassle free package for the best Bangkok Tour. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. The city is very luscious and lively place to visit. It boasts of having a conservative culture while embracing the modern world. It is definitely a worth as one of the best places to travel in South East Asian region.

Upon arriving to the lively city, we first indulge to explore into what they call the Damnem Saduak Floating market as it is what we have been hearing for as the world’s most famous floating market and the bustling scene is a breathtaking snapshot of the exotic country of Thailand. While I and my family were happily riding in a boat we feel fresh cool air and witness many wonderful sights and were very fascinated with the floating market tour guide speaking in English. Once you arrive at the market you will be taken to the water in a traditional long-tail boat and have your own driver paddle you between hundreds of boats selling fresh produce, souvenirs and delicious Thai food. Once you have enjoyed the floating market you will be returned to your hotel. The floating market tour will last for around 6 hours. On the next tour, we traveled towards Samut Songkram Province while we are being entertained about their cultural and stories context of the place. Tiger temple and The Bridge on the River Kwai, it was wonderful for us both although it might quite scary at first but later we had appreciated seeing animals such wild cats and elephants leopards. Of course we have taken pictures beside these sanctuary wonderful animals for our both big remembrance.

Next place we went to before our second day will end is in the oriental Kwai resort to check in and sleep over at their resort room, and definitely to enjoy the perks of the resort for another day. Then we plan out to stay at this resort for 2 more nights. The resort room was great with a view onto the river Kwai. Breakfast was really good and satisfying. We would recommend the resort for our friends and neighbors who want to travel to Bangkok and wants to find a comfortable room. We enjoyed swimming in the resort’s beautiful and clean pool. Our day is relaxed and we went to tour around the glorious gardens, the cabins are really comfortable and the foods at the restaurants are fantastic. On the second night we greatly love the world renowned Thai massage in the spa for relaxation. Last part of our tour is we book to visit the coconut farm as we should know real experience about what we have read. We had real experience about how sugar is created for authentic sweets and desserts and got some of it to make it our bring home take out. We never forget to go at Bangkok common restaurants as it is well known to be high when it comes to foodie credentials. Bangkok is a really lively and great city worth of the time of travel.

Scott Biddick

A Hidden Wonder; the Philippines

Since I am on the age where I need to challenge myself to know how to travel independently, I need to do it by myself. I think of travelling in the Philippines. I like Philippines and I love sharing my experiences and enjoinment with you all. My feeling of traveling alone in this great country is also about figuring stuff about me, I gained more self actualization and give me more help becoming best version of me while being happy and knowing other people.

Why I like the Philippines? Actually I have many reasons, the beach, the restaurants, the malls plus it has never been difficult for to communicate with people around there as mostly can understand English and speak either way. There can be lots of various destination in the Philippines to go and explore along but I will share about this certain place in the Visayas which I considered as my Philippines best destination and I will highly recommend it to everyone even you are travelling solo. The city is called Cebu which is in my opinion the best city in the Philippines to travel, it is so fascinating even at provincial region it is very progressive and very refreshing!

When I already arrive at Cebu airport I rented a taxi and ask the driver of what hotel he can recommend for me to check-in that is affordable but clean and comfortable to stay, so he brought me in La Esperanza pension. I observed that the style of hotel is very traditional type and it has exhibit of Filipino culture partly the Cebuano’s culture. The hotel room is very good and so cheap. Ayala mall is just near so I try to shop there to buy all my needs for my stay in Cebu. The mall is big and has so many kinds and styles of fashions from different countries. There are many good and highly class restaurants at Ayala mall but I choose to have my dinner at the famous restaurant Zubuchon which is a short drive from the mall. I was so excited about the place and to try the Cebu’s best Lechon ever and as featured in the show Great Reservations by Anthony Bourdain. It is already a delicacy The taste is incredibly delicious, soft meat, crunchy skin and best of all it is so savory that a sauce is not needed.  It is actually already having been in my plan to have dinner at this famous restaurant that gives me so much excitement before my travel.

After a few days at the city I travel to Blue orchid resort to witness life away from the city. Just a few hours of road travel but when I arrived at the resort I was relieved. I can say that the resort is well organized, nestling and location is so good because it is along a quiet stretch of coastline where It’s good to swim and have snorkel on the excellent house reef within a stone’s throw of your room or watch the sunset from the terrace or one of the little lounge cabanas. In this place I also conclude that helpful to have an enjoinment even you are alone because there are many great activities offered on the site. Standard room is excellent as it is large enough, fully furnished and very comfortable to sleep as they provide mosquito nets. A sea view sea view in the veranda is added great excellence in the hotel to check in. The staff is very welcoming and accommodating. They are very fantastic in their style of team preparing delicious food and drinks all day long.

There are much more places to visit and explore but we will need more travel and vacation time to experience all the beauty and adventure of this country.

Scott Biddick

A great Asian adventure in Guam

It was just last month we decided to fly going to Guam to continue our vacation. Ideally will have a tropical country to visit, so this is where our next tropical travelling country to have been visit .We prioritized Macau trip during this time because for us the place was so tempting while we are on research where places we should go. Planning for our travel were quite easy as there are a lot guides and information we found online about Guam travel and vacation but we needed to have a perfect travel experience. We chose Guam travel package and stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days the best thing of all is that it is near Hongkong and Macau.

While in Guam we discovered that the island can be effortlessly circled in just a day. But obviously that won’t happen because we want to explore the island more. Driving the circumference of the island to get your bearings is the best way to spend your first day in Guam. We will surely be fascinated by the sharp contrast between the tourist side of the island, which is located around Tumon Bay in the Northwest, and the native side, which is found toward the southern tip of the island.

In our first night we choose to stay in the luxury resort along Tumono Bay. After another night of crossing in the island we tried great spas in the island and it is very great experience of relaxation throughout of the evening on the island at Chamorro Village which is next to Paseo de Susana. We also learned a lot about culture of native Chamorro in their public market as they show us their crafts and let us try their original local cuisines and then half of the day we explore Guam’s beautiful waterfalls inland boast. We enjoyed swimming in Talofofo falls. This falls features a thirty-foot cascade of water that drops into a deep pool. After swimming we explore a cave. According to what we discover from guide tour that a Japanese sergeant inhabited for thirty years, thinking World War II was still being fought. We also try to visit the emerald gem.

Exploring Guam is no hassle as there is a Public transportation available, but we refer taxi service and we need not to worry as they are very friendly and reliable. Taxi service however is expensive than riding a public transportation for a short ride. The roads on Guam are also very clean and touring it with bike is also a great feat. The best choice really is to rent a car or taxi so we did it too and that gives us more safety and convenient while we are travelling. The Guam car rental industry is quite competitive so you can get pretty good rates although they are a little higher than the US. Regarding the rules of the road can be similar to US mainland laws as the island of Guam is an unincorporated Territory of the USA. In overall of our vacation Guam is one of the best paradise we have visited where worlds away from the mainland. We really experience the friendliness of Pacific life.